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An Introduction to the People behind Alexis International

An Introduction

We’re a boutique Executive Search firm, we initially started up as Monkiez Asia and once we’ve reached our maturity, we re-branded about a year back to Alexis International. There was 3 of us initially back in 2011 when we started and we didn’t have any experience whatsoever then in recruitment, but our careers was peaking at the point of time as all of us had stable jobs and we were reaching our 30’s and we got together on fine evening at Paparich Publika and just started talking about our life’s direction and what matters to us. We felt the Transformation that we’ve gone through in our journey and we focus that calling to our brand promise that we give our candidates, our clientele and most importantly, ourselves which in the bigger picture, changing the economic value in a person’s livelihood.

Brand Promise

It’s our belief that Alexis International brings out the standard of excellence in the representation of the talents we represent via our Talent Value Proposition Methodology to locate and seek out the opportunities which has the right fit in the organization that comes the right goals to forward what meets your standards in aligning your career goals.

Our Services >> For Corporates

Our core is providing a complex blend of recruitment services to distinct populations. alexis INTERNATIONAL serves businesses through connecting them with the professional contingent work force to bring forward organizations to uncharted regions. We also serve the professionals by connecting them with businesses that provides them benefits to take them to the next career move.

Serving clients with the needs for specialized professional individuals

It’s our belief that Alexis International Brings Out the Standard of Excellence in the Recruitment business via our Recruitment Methodology to locate and seek out talents whom are the right people in place with the right attitude, aptitude and skills for business that meets our clients standards.

We have been expanding the full array of tailored services to meet unique needs, ensuring that our clients keep track of strategic resources starting from effective and integrated approached recruitment to developing their human resources.

Our Services >> For Individuals

Our core reason of existence is our belief in providing the an economic value proposition to the masses. We are an Executive Search firm providing services to those who intent to make a move to hold a better position. Our assurance towards those who choses to leave their CV/Resume’s with us. Confidentiality is our practice model giving you a peace of mind where your Confidence in us will be serve with our Confidentiality.

Our Methodology is based on our Tailor concept that each and every proposition that we make to our clients on your profile, it will be in as a Solution to their hiring needs, automatically giving you the edge over the rest of the candidates. We seek and locate positions from our Exclusive Clientele which shares what you’re out to achieve in your professional experience, which is how we serve indirectly as an enabler to ensure that you’re on the path that you’ve geared into to grasp an opportunity that leads towards better economic achievements.

Personal Bonds is what we seek to achieve with you, understand you where it matters most, understand in why and what you’re looking for. With an explicit info gathering session with you, we will be more than ready with the surety that your candidacy for any role will be fully polished and expectedly give you a shot with the prospective hiring manager. We have also carved out a very personalized service to give you absolute confidence throughout the entire experience right from the moment you place your trust in us, to the moment you’re on board with the client, to a one to one review with you 30 days going into your new position to your 1 year anniversary.

The Leadership

Joanne Fernandez

She has more than 13 years of work experience around the country in various industries such as HR, business consulting & IT with exposure to various industries including Financial Services,  Public/Government, Pharmaceutical, Education, Manufacturing, and Marketing and Distribution. From her vast experience in a broad range as above, the entrepreneurship in her kicked in, and thus leading to the formation of Monkiez Asia.

Jonathan Andrew Nonis

A pure strategist that creates long-term planning that is isolated from the company’s current initiatives. He is considered a “doers” first and have the past experience to help advise and execute a well thought out plan with industries best practices. He has worn many hats for the critical jobs that are the most important aspects of successful strategy execution. He is a reflection of the influence of a significant demarcation between formulation of a strategy or the execution of the strategy.

The Executive Search Team


She has a working experience of more than 12 years. She is a dynamic and result-driven administrative executive with extensive experience in organisational leadership, project management, personnel supervision, and office management. A positive thinker with multi-tasking abilities and a sense of responsibility. Organised and effective in the management of top initiatives and critical projects. Background includes work flow efficiency/ streamlined operations, account management, and development of executive-level internal and external correspondence. Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal employment requirements.

Chong Hoc Leong

Young graduate with passion in business, analysis, and people. Currently working as a Strategic Resourcing Consultant in Alexis International, a boutique Executive Search firm. I am responsible of 360 degree recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to screening and understanding the needs of the client to proposing the suitable candidates. In Alexis International, we believe in caring and helping people truly rather than just getting the job done.


I want to see the world grow, and I do this by moving people forward in their lives.

Careers that provide me this opportunity excites and motivates me! In the past half decade I’ve done this in the field of education. Guiding and ensuring the leaders of tomorrow are equipped for the modern world. Today, I want to work with employees to chart and navigate their career path.

A Strategic Resource Consultant with Alexis International, I’m responsible for sourcing, screening, and qualifying candidates to be ready for their next big career


A self-motivated individual who’s passionate in learning, and hope to make a difference by going the extra mile.

She has two years of experience in Public Relations and worked with local and global brands from various industries ranging from F&B, Sports, Property, Hospitality, Retail, Technology, amongst others.

Currently working as a Strategic Resourcing Consultant in Alexis International, with responsibilities include sourcing potential candidates to screening and understanding the needs of the client to proposing the suitable candidates.


A motivated result-driven individual that keen to learn new things. 2018 is the year where I left my comfort zone to embark to a different path to push my limits.

I’m a go-getter person and gets along with people easily. I’ve worked with different people with diverse nationalities and still work greatly as a team regardless. Had the opportunity to experience cultural differences and expands my worldview.

From my past experience, I’ve learnt to adapt with unexpected pressure and problems. With that I’ve build my patient and tolerance towards situation that stress me out.

I’m a person that never regret in any decision I’ve made because if I don’t try, I’ll never know what I can achieve. I don’t mind if I fall from trying new things, as long as I don’t regret in the future for not trying.


A dynamic and result-oriented IT recruiter with 4+ years of experience recruiting for both technical and non-technical positions. Strong technical/business acumen and understanding of technical requirements; deep sourcing skills and experience with sourcing of passive candidates; and excellent candidate assessment skills. Possess excellent knowledge of recruiting and hiring processes including sourcing, interviewing, reference checking, tracking, salary negotiations, and closing. A resourceful, solution-focused professional with excellent interpersonal and rapport-building skills.


Psychology graduate who lives with the value of understanding and empowering people. Currently work as strategic resourcing consultant, where I am responsible for sourcing, screening and attracting potential talents. Speaking of personal goals, it all boils down to creating an useful impact into a person’s life.


Experienced Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Construction, property developer and Hospitality Industry. Strong professional graduated from Sayfol international school


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