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Celebrating Excellence Since 2011.

It has been a long road of excellence and pride. The pride of assessing employment, the passion of seeking and discovering more people. Over hundreds of people have been deployed in the past few years. Alexis International aims to achieve more.

Industries We Recruit

Alexis International is serving dozens of clients in every day. Meeting the standards of different companies and setting the milestones for employment. With the rapid shift of standards and in-demand jobs in the market, Alexis International was able to maintain its records.

Advertising and Creative Media


Information Technology


Property Management


Jumpstart your Employment

Start to kick off. Show what you can do. Join Alexis ATS. Upon joining, you can select your desired job and apply almost instantly. Apply to listings and get reviewed in no time.


For us, user experience determines how satisfied our clients are, and that, this becomes valuable mainly because we value client satisfaction.

Carefully Analyzed

Alexis is extremely keen when it comes to predicting outcomes, carefully analyzing data and statistics to deploy the best candidates possible.

Performance = Delivered

we value maximizing performance and capabilities to help companies prosper, and In order to achieve this, manpower is extremely the best asset.


Our team experts allow communication between client and candidates put into ease.


Our ATS approaches the ideals of the modern technology, which aids deployment time and hassle through communication. We carefully analyze applicants before deployment.


Environment is a huge factor that we value. Alexis’ constant approach to smooth communications and quick transactions delivers quality services.


Your privacy is our priority. Your information with us is our responsibility, and that we make sure your information only flows through our systems.


Smart work over hard work.

Our smart responses to different situations is the trademark of our services. We value working smart over working hard. Having to set our objective into its best pace while making sure the objective is achieved in the fastest and most ethical approach, is essential to us.


Commitment to Serve

One of the keys of giving quality service is our ability to commit to the work. The bond we create within the bounds of our company allows us to work with compassion. We sever ties with one another, which is one of the reasons why the necessary services are rendered with the right people and always at the right time. We strive for services, the very verve of Alexis.


Applicant Tracking System

One of the best feature we have in Alexis is our ATS. Our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) gives ease to individuals looking for jobs to apply in their field of expertise. Given their experience and information, we keenly analyze their experties and fit the right people into the workplace.


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